Pricing & Security

we offer a high level of staffing scalability and flexibility to ensure they get the maximum out of our services.


QP Accounting Services provide our clients with an unmatched value proposition by giving great quality work with different engagement models that would suit their business needs. We provide services to a range of clients, we offer a high level of staffing scalability and flexibility to ensure they get the maximum out of our services.

Engagement Models:

1. AD-HOC Pricing (Pay as you go) Model.
2. Part-Time Senior Accountant – B/K, Accounting and Payroll related work.
3. Full-Time Employee - B/K, Accounting and Payroll related work.
4. Tax Accountant – Level based pricing (We can provide you a competitive per tax return pricing).
Full-time Employees - A dedicated employee will be assigned to your project full-time (140 billable hours per month) and you will be billed on a monthly basis.
Half Full-time Employees - We also offer the flexibility of hiring a half resource (70 billable hours per month) if the volumes are not high.
Getting started is simple and fast: Non-Disclosure Agreement Account Set-up Service Agreement Assigning the Accountant/Manager
Pricing Disclaimer Please note that all prices QP Accounting Services offer are only indicative. The actual rates will change depending on the type of the project, complexity of work, skill and experience of the resource, terms of the contract and some other factors.


100% Data Security with robust internal controls.


At QP Accounting Services we are extremely sensitive to the security and confidentiality of client data. Our comprehensive and well-integrated security programs are business-centric and take into account all the operational risks related to outsourcing.Wide Security management with administrative auditing, reporting, and monitoring facilities will secure data at every stage.
1. Dual workstation for the paperless environment.
2. No personal email access
3. External devices disabled on all the accountant's workstations.
4. Workstations secured individually by Antivirus and Firewall protection.
5. Secure Biometric Finger Premises Access.
The online document storage service that we are providing you is a highly secure system. Through this system, you can transfer data to us and manage your data account through the internet. This system restricts access to specific users. All data transfer is 128-bit encrypted. Security is about people and their credibility. Right from the stage of recruitment, we set integrity and trustworthiness among the most non-negotiable qualities of an employee.
Secure Data Sharing - There is 2 secure data sharing option.
1st Option –
Upload file on our secure server.
Accountant will be notified about the documents.
They will complete the task and will review the work.
Upload the finish work on the server for your approval
2nd Option –
Remote based solution (Complete control of the data as none of the data will go out of your office)
We help you install secured remote connection software.
Accountant will log in into the system remotely.
Once the work is done by the team it will be sent for the review
Once the review is done you will be notified via call/email about the completed task.